Adventure Cycling

Adventure Cycling is an affordable way to exercise, both financially and physically, but most of all allows you to leave your worries behind and explore the great out doors. And what better surrounds than that around our alpine valley retreat. The magnificent high country of Victoria in its full glory both in summer and in winter.

There are numerous bike routes worth exploring, ones that are quite manageable and others that may require a little bit more stamina and effort on your behalf.

Cycling promotes steady increase in your fitness and stamina. It aids in weight loss, steady cycling burns around 300 calories per hour. It helps to build muscles and boosts your metabolic rate.

Did you know that regular cycling improves lung function and improves your cardiovascular fitness. It helps to reduce stress and depression. It gets you out and about, and introduces you to fellow cyclists. It’s a fantastic bonding experience for families, and let’s face it once you learn how to ride a bike you just don’t forget it, and kids will love having races with you.

You can improve your performance with eating the right foods. Increase daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Consume lean meats, high in protein, which helps repair and build muscles.

On longer trips pack carbohydrate rich foods to keep you going longer. Always pack and take plenty of water and/or sports drinks to prevent dehydration and bring sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer and sunburn.

There are some fantastic cycling events cycling events you can get into whilst holidaying in the Alpine Valley Retreat, please check out the calendars for the exact dates.

Don’t feel you are limited on your adventure cycle to just road cycling, go and explore the off the bitten track just outside the chalet itself. Cross country bikes or motor-cross bikes would be best, as the trails are unsealed-dirt ones. Now if you happen to be a speed junkie, perhaps motorcycle touring is more your style.

So get on your bike mate whatever horse or man power it has and let’s get fitter and have fun in the high country, see you there.

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