Our Alpine Valley

heading towards our alpine valley

There is a plethora of activities you can entertain in this Alpine Valley. First let us introduce you to the immediate Alpine surrounds. Right at your doorstep, and literallywalking down away from our Chalet you are at the Livingstone Creek. It is so close that if you had a glider you would be there in 3 seconds. The Creek is a result of fusion of three alpine rivers, which now have carved their way into the Creek. The main river, at your doorstep, has made its claim to fame during the gold fossicking times some 160 years ago.

This Livingstone Creek runs snaking through this Alpine Valley merges with the Township of Omeo, and to the famous Omeo Swimming Pool. Do not be fooled however, as it is a natural water pool without heating. Try a good invigorating wakeup swim if you dare.

Hiking down from our Chalet to the valley, bisecting the Creek, following a short climb, you will reach a ridge of the local mountain range and stomp onto the Mount Mesley Trek. This trek merges with other trails to connect a circuit. Hiking along Connley’s, and Mesley's Treks, then on Connley’s and Bing Tice Rd will allow you to navigate this circuit. This circuit will allow you to take in the immediate scenery of the region as you are elevated above the township and the undulations of the immediate region.

Additionally you can admire the Alpine Country, engaging in some alpine climbing, touring the Alpine Region either on a motorbike or bicycle.

Best way to approach your itinery is to break your stay into daily trips. Whether on foot or on a bike, trek along the natural reserves, walking trails, or just get the heart pounding by doing altitude bicycle training.

And do not forget, this region also offers alpine lakes, and more of mountains terrain.Surrounding high country offers some of the most picturesque alpine mountains in Australia from Falls Creek to Mount Hotham to Dinner Plain, all being accessible and enjoyable both in summer and winter. If you are seeking an adventure check out the alpine ski maps and try skiing or snowboarding or cross country skiing, with spectacular views on the way.

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