Alpine climbing within easy reach of Omeo


Alpine climbing consists of many different types, the most common one seems to be sport climbing ( indoors and outdoors ), and is embraced by young and not so young these days.

Alpine climbing can be done by most age groups and serves as a tremendous total body workout. It involves most of the major muscle groups, develops muscle tone, improves flexibility and coordination. It can help you build confidence, develop problem-solving skills and sharpen your mental focus.

Socially it can help you develop some long lasting friendships, it’s a sport that you can enjoy individually or with a partner or a group of friends. Its very important to arm yourself with as much knowledge about this sport as possible. Read up and research about such subjects as rock climbing equipment, climbing holds and climbing knots.

You may choose very wisely to have some tutoring and or professional training under your belt before hitting the more challenging spots such as those found around the area of our alpine valley retreat.

Explore the small boulder area in Hothams resort . As you drive into Hotham from Omeo, just past the bus depot ,and before you reach the Big D hamlet there are nice boulder climbing spots on your left. Also try the climbing site at Mount Smyth. Abseil at Dinner Plain, ice climb at Australian Drift ( below Hotham ) and mountaineer at Mount Feathertop. We recommend you allow few days for these spots.

In the opposite direction to our chalet, Falls Creek has a good beginner abseiling and some limited top rope climbing at Strawberry Saddle.

There is also an abseil site below the Howmans Gap Alpine Centre. You will have to drive through Falls Creek, down towards Mt Beauty and the centre is to your right.It is a nice scenic descent.

For some company try the Victorian Climbing club 0353412196, or the Mt BeautyClimbing Centre 03 57541077.

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