Alpine Lakes near Omeo

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Two main beautiful alpine lakes; Rocky Valley Lake and Pretty Valley Lake are situated Adjacent to the Falls Creek Ski resort. The smaller ones Lake Omeo and Lake Guy share a different twist.

Its one of the highlights during the seven peak challenge, a cycling event that passes through Falls Creek.

To get to the two main highland lakes you take the Bogong High Plain Rd from Omeo, through the villages of Shannonvale, Anglers Rest and Bingo Munjie. Keep in mind this road is only open in warmer months, around 40min drive.

You can loop on the road for 230 km which will take you from Omeo to Falls Creek,Bogong, back down through Mt Beauty then Mt Hotham, back up to Dinner Plain and Omeo.

Rocky Valley Lake is the main dam of the hydro-electric scheme, 265 ha. It freezes over in severe winter. It’s popular fishing water. Brown trout average 300g maximum 1 kg, occasional rainbow trout to 450g. Provides good angling at times.There are two boat ramps on this mountain lake on either side of the dam wall. Most forms of boating are permitted. Waterskiing, paraflying, kite flying, jet skis and boats with toilets are not permitted. Canoeing and kayaking are most popular with most tourists here.

Pretty Valley Lake is actually a 16 ha storage for the Kiewa hydro-electric system, it receives from the Rocky Valley Lake (storage) via a diversional tunnel. Wide fluctuations in water levels allow it to freeze over in winter. It contains some brown trout average 500g, maximum 1.4kg. This is a popular spot with family groups, it has some great picnic spots, but note power boats of any type are not permitted.

The other couple of mountain lakes you may wish to explore are the following;

Omeo Lake near Benambra, just outside of Omeo is dry in most years and is used as grazing land, also a picnic spot popular with travellers. The Omeo District Horseracing Club trains their winning studs on Lake Omeo in the summer months.

Lake Guy/ Junction Dam, situated in Bogong, is a magnificent alpine lake. It contains brown trout to 2.5kg. It has some fantastic picnic areas, breathtaking walking trails and magnificent spots for photos, great for families and all age groups.Surrounded by trees, and fed by converging rivers. It has a spooky tunnel running through the dam, check it out! Circumnavigate the lake, it only takes about 40min by foot.

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