Horse Riding in Victorian High Country

riding horses

Horse Riding in Victoria is a great way of exploring the surrounding areas around your holiday destination or your own town.

Riders enjoy fresh air at the same time as exercising. Mere act of patting a horse is proven to lower your blood pressure. Bonding with a noble horse is the best stress buster you can find.

Learning to control an animal so much larger than yourself does wonders to boost your self confidence.

Some of the physical benefits of riding include;

  • Improved balance; as the horse moves the rider is constantly thrown off balance, therefore having to contract muscles of the deep postural trunk, pelvis as well as adductor muscles of the thighs, in an attempt to re balance themselves.

  • Strengthen muscles; by the increased use involved in riding, and because its still perceived as enjoyment it encourages the rider to keep going.

  • Improved respiration and circulation; although it may seem as though the rider is not engaging in a cardiovascular workout, an hours activity can burn similar calories to that of a thirty minutes jog at 8km/hr.

One place to experience this wonderful activity is not far away from our chalet, just 29 km away from Omeo, near Anglers Rest.The company offers some wonderful tours through the Bogong High Country and even around as far as Dinner Plain. These tours can last as few as few hours fantastic for families or those of us that may want to break into this activity gently. For those of us more adventurous there are tours that last from two to five days.

Lets face it being in such inspiring surroundings will do wonders for your mental and physical well being, so go on give it a go and make a new friend with your horse.

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