Our Valley Retreat

Victorian riversVictorian Alps half an hour away

Our Valley Retreat can be an enjoyable, fulfilling way of escaping the fast paced life the daily routine brings. Perched above the tree line, overlooking a valley you can cose up, engage in a stare, and soak up the views. There is nothing to obstruct your view, just you and mother nature.

We feel the view is quite breathtaking . Perhaps you decide.

As Couples you will be able to smooch up and stay transfixed gazing out the windownext to the fireplace, while sampling some of the most sumptuous local wines.

Yoga masters and new recruits will be able to balance themselves on any of the elevations the house’s architecture brings you. The mezzanine floor, the upstairs balcony or the outside deck is here at your disposal.

In an attempt to iron out life’s complexities, this lodge may serve as your marriage retreat . It may be an excellent platform for your communication.

Perhaps reserved for the calm individuals, of the “ patient society”, this chalet can also serve as a meditation retreat.

The vistas are not only inspirational and breathtaking but throw in the rural surround, local river gently bubbling in the distance, and some magnificent sunrises and sunsets and you have an ideal set up for couples .

Wellness Retreat, can mean so many different things to people with different needs and demands that life places on all of us. Perhaps it’s the pure air here, the local scrumptious food and wine. The ability just to sit back relax and take in the sites. To some of us its exercising and staying fit and there are plenty of activities to do that here.

So go on have an Valley Retreat that you know you deserve and should have taken yesterday.

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