High Country Archery


Thinking about high country archery? Most of us would have a mental image of beautiful forests and Robin Hood and of course William Tell and the famous apple scene. The scenery provides an amazing backdrop in the high country around Omeo, and being out in the fresh air is good for your mind and body.

Archery is not about winning or loosing the goal of an archer is to enjoy the game and self improve by practicing. It is accessible to everyone old, young, wheelchair bound, disabled. At an amateur level it is inexpensive and can be practiced indoors as well as outdoors. By playing archery you are increasing not only strength but also focus, flexibility and attention skills.

Young people especially also benefit from the fact that archery teaches patience, which is not an easy skill to acquire for a lot of kids and youths.

It is also physically demanding, and so helps to get your body in good shape, especially the upper body and arms.

Archery is a great source of satisfaction and enjoyment. In Japan they consider archery to embody truth, beauty, and grace.

Why not try high alpine archery in Falls Creek during the summer months, for details of events please refer to the Falls Creek website, under summer activities calendar. The road from Omeo to Falls Creek is a wonderful day’s adventure, maybe stopping for some fly fishing at Anglers Rest and then combined with archery will leave you feeling good about life.

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