Marriage Retreat

your wedding retreat

Making time for your marriage retreat is one of the most overlooked and forgotten rituals once you get married or have been for a while.

We all face huge time restrictions in our hectic lives; our jobs, kids, family demands and responsibilities, health, fitness, family holidays completely take priority.But ask yourself this wouldn’t it be great to improve your communications skills with your spouse, or take time out to pamper each other. Dance together, go and see a sunrise together, read a book to one another or just go for a long walk.

You can easily experience and improve on all these skills in our chalet, there are some wonderful walks among the majestic trees, listening to the birds or just admiring the sunsets from the balcony.

That’s what a retreat should be, just completely loosing Yourselves in each others company. Lets face it if You don’t schedule time for one another, You wont have the time.

For those of us more adventurous I recommend the Onsen Spa at Dinner Plain, about 29km from Omeo. It offers absolutely amazing facilities with an award winning restaurant next door. There are packages to suit everyone’s needs as couples or individuals. I believe everyone deserves to be pampered at some stage and we could do with more of it in our marriages.

One of the nicest and absolutely free love gestures You can show Your spouse is to write them a love letter, a poem or even just few love notes that You leave for them to accidently find.

While staying in our chalet in winter You could pop out to the local snow fields and make a snowman together, have a snowball fight or even make a snow angel.

Finally why not cook a romantic dinner together, eating foods that you both enjoy. If You both need a break from cooking, go out for a meal in one of the local eateries and order your favourite wine or two, cheers!!!

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