Your Meditation Retreat

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Meditation is a self-directed practice for relaxing the body and calming the mind. Most meditation retreat techniques used in the west had origins in the east, mainly India, and also China and Japan.

Main purpose of meditation has been religious, more recently a lot of health benefits have been recognized. It helps a lot of us to reduce mental and physical stress.

There is some evidence showing reduction in chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, substance abuse and better stress management regime.

To create Your own meditation getaway, we ask You to consider our chalet. It will provide You with most of the requirements to ease into a meditative state.

Create a peaceful atmosphere, no phones, comfortable clothing, soothing music, keeping lights low.

Use some props such as cushions, candles, running water, you just open the balcony door and listen to the river flowing nearby.

You may want to consider some of these widely used techniques;

  • Mantra Meditation; conscious repetition of certain sounds that appeal to the mind.

  • Trataka Meditation; a steady gaze performed on any one particular object.

  • Chakra Meditation; awakening and balancing different nerve centres that branch off our spinal cord.

  • Vipassana Meditation; identifying ones own nature, recognizing the bad elements and consciously eliminating them from the system

Studies have shown that even ten minutes of meditation a day will help alleviate stress.

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is learning to go with the flow and things that used to irritate You before will now become insignificant.

Being surrounded by all that magnificent nature and serenity next to our chalet will aid in achieving Your own personal goals of meditation.

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