Rural Retreat

collie rounding sheep bales of hay

One of the most positive experiences in my childhood was to visit and stay at a rural retreat. I think its really important for all of us to go back to our roots and it doesn’t get any closer to mother nature than in the country. Victorian high country side is very unique in that you get to experience the undulating landscape as well as a glimpse of the Australian bush with its flora and fauna in its glory.

For those of us that did not grow up in the country seeing cattle wonder the local roads is an exciting experience to say the least, maybe a tad dangerous at night and if you are diving too fast. Watching the sheep and cows graze peacefully makes you feel relaxed and appreciative of what nature provides for us.

The beautiful farmhouses and cottages scattered on the hilly slopes inspired many painters and poets to be creative no doubt, there are some magnificent paintings displayed in the local gallery not far from our retreat.

The river in Omeo is an absolute must. Walk along the river bed can start at the bottom of the backyard of our chalet. Following it towards the town centre will bring you to a natural swimming pool as well as a local park. There are some very interesting spots here to explore from the old mine shafts of the glorious gold mining era to the underground river cave that is flooded most of the year. Lots of historical photos that will put smiles on faces of those of us that believe that there is still gold in them hills, and hey who knows.

So whether you spot a kangaroo or look for gold in the river or pat some cows in the paddocks you will feel right in the centre of a rural retreat here.

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