Wellness Retreat

washed stones on background candle on your pathway

I personally think having a wellness retreat as part of your annual routine is very important.

Wellness by definition is an active process of becoming aware and making choicestoward a more successful existence.

Two big categories of wellness are mental and physical. I believe you will be able to work and improve on both of these aspects in our retreat.

Physical maintance may include exercise, adequate sleep, eating a variety of healthy foods and most of all listening to your body.

Mental well being can be promoted through, most importantly stress reduction and investing time in you. Finding out what makes you happy and more balanced in everyday existence.

Spiritual wellness is tied in with both of these processes and can be interpreted differently by people at any given time in their lives. There are plenty of opportunities to explore your inner self in this beautiful part of Australia.

Most of us would agree that we live in a very fast paced world most of the time ,the media is at our fingertips and lets face it a lot of the information conveyed to us is often less than inspiring. Picture yourself getting away from it all and investing time in you and attending to your needs at your own pace, surrounded by tranquility and natural beauty.

You will be able to look after and take care of all of these aspects of wellness in ourretreat. Please feel free to explore your own take on what this means to you, while staying here.

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