Yoga Retreat

yoga and you

Yoga retreats propagate and encourage oneself to experience and combine the following aspects, of achieving harmony within oneself and ones environment through emotion, action and intelligence, all balanced against each other.

To achieve and maintain this balance one must do it through exercise, breathing and meditation.

Yoga exercise improves circulation, stimulates abdominal organs, and improves lymphatic flow, aiding in better health.

Breathing techniques aid in gaining control over your bodies needs for oxygen and effective exchange of it in the lungs.

The above prepares the mind for meditation.

Meditation results in quite mind and ultimately distressing and declattering your inner self. Seeking the ultimate in inner peace.

There are six branches of yoga.

  • Hatha yoga or yoga of postures, most popular branch in the west.

  • Bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion) , most followed in India, path of heart and devotion.

  • Raja yoga ( self control).

    A Raja Yogi sees the self as central and as such, respects to oneself and for all creation are vital in this path.

  • Jnana yoga (yoga of the mind). This branch focuses on mans intelligence.

  • Karma yoga (yoga of service). Do good to others and positive things will come your way.

  • Tantra yoga ( yoga of rituals). Using rituals to experience whats sacred.

We hope that by visiting so many beautiful sights in and around our chalet you will be inspired to practice your yoga routines and techniques.

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